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Heracles (L3)-Line Ligature

Heracles (L3)-Line Ligature


This series draws inspiration from the mighty Hercules, the legendary Greek God known for his incredible strength and power. The Heracles series features unique harness coils made of a special composite material that is meticulously woven by hand, resulting in a relatively hard and durable wire harness.


The mouthpiece is securely locked on the top, and metal patches on both sides are strategically positioned to conduct the sound inward, concentrating the sound and producing a strong and powerful tone. This innovative design enhances the power and clarity of the sound effect, evoking the resounding and commanding sound of Hercules himself.


Our Ligatures are available in two distinct forms, featuring six and eight composite line materials.Additionally, we offer Ligatures in four different sizes - S, M, L, and XL - designed to cater to the unique needs of different mouthpieces.


S size: for use with stainless steel mouthpieces

The circumference of locking Reed and mouthpieces: 6.4~7.0cm


M size: for metal alto and tenor mouthpieces

The circumference of locking Reed and mouthpieces:7.0~8.0cm


L size:for use with alto's plastic mouthpieces

The circumference of  locking Reed and mouthpieces:8.0~9.0cm


XL size:for use with tenor's plastic mouthpieces

The circumference of  locking Reed and mouthpieces:8.5~9.5cm



Our Ligatures are ideal for saxophonists who seek a customized manual one-to-one mouthpiece configuration service, ensuring a tailor-made sound presentation that perfectly complements each mouthpiece and Ligature combination. With our dedication to precision and quality, our Ligature provides saxophonists with unparalleled sound control and performance capabilities.

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