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Poseidon (L5)-Line Ligature

Poseidon (L5)-Line Ligature


According to mythological lore, Poseidon possesses immense power to govern the vast sea waters. Inspired by this mythical figure, the Poseidon series of ligatures has been expertly woven by hand with meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to quality. Employing a composite material harness that is more robust than that of the L4 Line Ligature and distinct from L1, L2, and L3, the Poseidon line of ligatures is ideally suited for plastic mouthpieces, delivering a powerful and tense sound that is reminiscent of the vast, yet placid nature of the sea. Embrace the power of the Poseidon series and unlock your full musical potential.


Our Ligatures are available in two distinct forms, featuring six and eight composite line materials. Additionally, we offer Ligatures in four different sizes - S, M, L, and XL - designed to cater to the unique needs of different mouthpieces.


S size: for use with stainless steel mouthpieces
The circumference of locking Reed and mouthpieces: 6.4~7.0cm


M size: for metal alto and tenor mouthpieces
The circumference of locking Reed and mouthpieces:7.0~8.0cm


L size:for use with alto's plastic mouthpieces
The circumference of  locking Reed and mouthpieces:8.0~9.0cm


XL size:for use with tenor's plastic mouthpieces
The circumference of  locking Reed and mouthpieces:8.5~9.5cm


Our Ligatures are ideal for saxophonists who seek a customized manual one-to-one mouthpiece configuration service, ensuring a tailor-made sound presentation that perfectly complements each mouthpiece and Ligature combination.

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